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By Stephanie Cardenas


October | Stylist of the Month | Yasmine

By Weston White

Stylist of the Month – Yasmine

  • What inspired you to start in the hair industry, and what keeps you inspired today?

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion, make-up, art and photography. That’s what led me to go into hair. That is still where I get my inspiration and what keeps me going. I like transforming people! I feel like I’m sculpting when I’m cutting hair.”


  • You’ve been a stylist across three different states. What have been some of your biggest achievements over your career?

“My biggest achievements were working at Vidal Sassoon as a Creative Director and traveling all around the globe.”


  • One of your specialties is curly hair. What is your number one advice for curly haired girls and curly haired guys?

“My number one advice for curly hair is ‘Don’t brush your curls, it will turn into a frizz ball’. “


  • How often should girls with curly hair be getting Haircuts/Trims to maintain their curly hair looking its best?

“Curly hair has less moisture, it tends to be a bit dry, especially when it’s constantly blow dried. I recommend every six to eight weeks for a trim to keep the split ends off and maintaining the shape.”


  • (Photo : Getty/JamieMcCarthy)What guy in the entertainment industry is rocking his naturally curly hair the best right now?

“Justin Timberlake is always rocking it. and Lenny Kravitz.”


    • What are your go-to products in the salon right now?

“My favorite go-to product recently is the Crème for Style by Oribe.”


    • Hair trends come and go with each season and most make a return at some point. What’s been your favorite hair trend from the past and what do you think is the next big thing?

“The forecast trends are classic bob shapes with pastel colors. Braids, fringe and disconnected lengths are not going away. Loose waves, curls and natural afros. Center parts and very low side parts. Short shapes with very long fringe.

Men are also getting more and more into real haircuts / styles with fades and side parts.

Fun in the Sun With Beautiful Hair

By Danny Leclair
Beautiful Hair is Possible This Summer
Beautiful Hair is Possible This Summer

Elle Magazine Comes to Celebrate One Year With Us

By Danny Leclair

Wella and Elle Event

Hollywood Location Offers Express Root Touch Up Tuesdays – 323-930-0700

By Danny Leclair
Express Root Touch Up Tuesdays
Express Root Touch Up Tuesdays

Express Root Touch Ups only $40 – call 323-930-0700 or email 

  • Do You Come In Regularly for a Single Process Color
  • Do You Have A Routine Regarding Your Root
  • Do You Wish You Could Get In and Out


Then we have the service for you.  Call 323-930-0700 or Email


Express Root Touch Ups Every Tuesday for just $40


Come in any Tuesday and let us take care of you with no muss or fuss.  We will apply your color, set you up with a mimosa or a coffee and let you enjoy some quiet time while you process.  Once you’re done, we will give you a luxurious shampoo, massage and rinse and then dry your hair up to 50% so you can see the color match (full blow dry available for just an additional $15.)


You can get that incredibly valuable service in less time for less money.


Book early because the service will get very popular quickly.  A full consultation with your stylist might reveal that this service is not right for you.  Call 323-930-0700 or email


​Remember, we have some easy parking available on our block. You can park in the parking structure located at S 2nd and La Brea Ave on the Westside of the street.  You can access the parking from the alley off of 2nd Ave.  It is a flat rate after 4 pm.

Pampering = Love

By Danny Leclair


Gift the gift of pampering to the person you love.


Getting your hair done can brighten up your outlook, give you respite to your day and soothe your body and soul.  So why not give that gift to your family and friends.


We have partnered with  to provide you with an easy way to do so.  You can purchase a gift certificate in three easy steps.  You can pick fun images, add a great message and send that person you love the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day (or whenever).


Click on the image and get started.  And when you do, we’ll give you 20% off your next visit for the referral.

Aubrey Loots is Featured on the Daily Quirk

Aubrey Loots - Artistic Director
By admin

One look at the mission statement of Studio DNA Salon and it’s obvious that celebrity stylist Aubrey Loots is all about making every client, famous or otherwise, feel like they deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I was lucky enough to catch up with Aubrey this past September to talk his personal hair philosophy, his position as head stylist at ABC’s The Taste and some great tips for achieving red carpet worthy hair. Read on for the interview and to find out which celebrity he would love to give a hair makeover…


For more of this article, click here.

Danny & Aubrey Get Married

By admin

In case you missed it (and we don’t know how you could), Danny & Aubrey of Studio DNA got married in a big way: on top of a rose parade float. It was grand, it was glorious and it was controversial.


“We were not deluded into thinking that the Supreme Court’s ruling would come with general acceptance. We knew there would be controversy. But we also know that people fear what they don’t know, so we saw this as an opportunity for people to see that love is love. There are no differences.”


Here are a few links to some video and articles of the big day. Enjoy!


Same-sex wedding occurs without incident on Rose Parade float


Danny and Aubrey Start A Family


Rose Parade Wedding


Days of Lot : LGBT couple to marry on top of Float at Rose Bowl Parade (Dec 31, 2013)

Ask Us About Our Wedding Packages

By admin

Some of our favorite people and clients are brides and we look forward to being of service on such an auspicious day. Nothing makes us happier than a bride who radiates on her wedding day. To play a small part in that is truly an honor.


Our team has worked together on countless weddings large and small throughout the years. We pride ourselves in quoting for the bridal party in a way that is clear and manageable. Once the service is secured, we work hard to make sure that the party is fully prepared for the big day. Our goal is to alleviate everyone one of this concern so they can relax and enjoy their time.


If you would like to get a quote for our services, please contact We will get you a questionnaire to fill out and begin the process of beautifying your big day.

Ludo Lefebvre on The Taste

By admin

Congratulations to our good friend and client, Ludo Lefebvre, for all of his successes. He is killing it in the culinary world and we love watching him do it.


Be sure to watch The Taste on ABC. The season finale is coming and it is going to be a doozy!